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Too many people live lives of regret, I know, I was one of them. Life got in the way of the youthful dream of purpose and destiny. Those early plans, dreams and aspirations, all long past, with little apparent return on investment. ‘God, surely there’s gotta be more to life than this?’

Perhaps you can relate to this.

God had different plans. I may have given up … but He still had His dream for my life. I didn’t understand what it was and I certainly didn’t see it. All I could do was to fly in my instruments—trust, obey … and keep an open mind.(Matthew 7:7)

As I pause for a moment to recollect, I can see a thin thread of love and purpose for my life. God has taken the many regrets and failures of the past and is using them to create something beautiful and useful. (Psalm 32:8)

After half a lifetime I can finally see that those times, many which I’d rather forget, have become pillars of maturity and a foundation of wisdom on which I can build a better tomorrow. (Matthew 7:24)

This realisation didn’t happen by accident or overnight. Instead it has been intentionally nurtured and nourished. Over the past five years God has invited me to join Him on a daily journey of exploration and adventure. This includes one-on-one quiet times, spending time in prayer and writing. Along the way, blogging has also become an integral part of the journey. (Romans 12:2)

Christian Spirituality

I choose to write about Christian Spirituality to help me and my readers take intentional steps today, rediscover life’s purpose … and impact the destiny of those they care about the most.’

Dream No Small Dreams
Dream No Small Dreams—Photograph: Bianca Noka, Unsplash

The Dream

Over the years I’ve always believed that my best days were ahead, rather than behind me. I still do!  You can read about it here.

As I’ve journaled and written over the past 5 years I’ve rediscovered that:

  • my dream is to help others discover or, in many cases, rediscover their passion or dream.
  • By taking intentional steps today we can impact our destiny of those we care about the most … tomorrow!

The Plan

The plan is to:

  • ASK — To stay relevant and meet the needs of my readers I propose to ask questions, survey my readers and listen to their responses, so that each blog post is relevant to the challenges of living a successful and meaningful life.
  • Relevant—Write on a subject that my readers have indicated is relevant to them.
  • Evaluate—Wisdom doesn’t come from experience alone. Wisdom comes from evaluated experience. Let’s see what works and what doesn’t and when necessary … Change
  • Change—The aim is not perfection, but gradual improvement … even baby steps!
  • Safe—The plan is to create a safe environment where people feel empowered to turn their big dreams into reality.
  • Empower—Over time create practical tools and systems that will help them live successful and meaningful lives.
  • Community— I can’t do this on my own. You cant’ do this on your own but, in community, we can make a meaningful difference.
  • Success—Everyone wants to be successful and everyone has their own definition of success. This is something we can look at later 🙂

I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you too.

Fond regards,